Elenco Carbide Tool is comprised of a multi-talented team of tool grinders and designers. With an average level of experience exceeding 15 years, most of our employees have made their career in the tool industry. Like the company, these individuals demonstrate a commitment to the art of manufacturing carbide round tools.

Our diversity of equipment provides us with alternative methods to tackle difficult tasks – thus finding the best, most cost-effective, way to develop the intricate and specialized tools you need.

Elenco Carbide Tool Corporation is a successor company of Elkhart Engineering Corporation, which was founded by German-born Hans Bauer in 1954 in Plymouth, Wisconsin. During the early years, Elkhart Engineering manufactured numerous components used by the Zenith Corporation in military missiles.

As the missile contract ended in 1956, the company changed its name to Elenco and began building machines that braided fibers around plastic tubing. The braiding protected the tubing as well as making it stronger. As more sophisticated plastics developed, the need for braiding diminished. To diversify, Hans Bauer invented a machine to measure animal hides for the tanning industry.

In 1968, Hans teamed up with John Kampf and Willy Stahl and the company entered the carbide cutting-tool business. We took the name Elenco Carbide Tool Corporation and the management invested in the most advance machinery available at that time. Under the control of these three men, Elenco flourished.

Today, Elenco continues to innovate and grow in the carbide cutting tool business. Our highly experienced staff offers technical and creative solutions to the difficult machining problems that you face. As new materials and technically challenging workpiece designs continue to confront machine programmers, we expect our services and products to serve you well into the future.

Elenco is located in southeastern Wisconsin next to the internationally renowned Road America racetrack. In fact, on racing days we can even hear when the first car leaves the starting line.
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